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Saturday, September 20th, 2003

Subject:New Fanfic sort of thing
Time:9:14 am.
The pixies danced, and the fairies howled through the night as the pale orange moonlight cut through the darknes, making it bleed and drip in little pieces to the floor. Delicate black satin shoes hopscotched across the shadows bounding like a little girl; giggles filled the air, and drowned in the sorrow of the dying sprites, tiny chunks of their flesh fell to the ground like confetti, and tasted as sweet as dark chocolate. A little breeze whirled through the trees, tickling their leaves, and making a tiny rattleing song sang just for mummy. The breeze nipped at my delicate features, and tugged on the dark strands of my hair, cascading raven locks across my pale porcelin features, and obscuring the vision of my soft, grey, orbs. My petite frame trembled in pleasure and ecstacy, my dark, blood stained, lips parted slightly to reveal two rows of sparkling white enamel and elongate canines. Tiny flakes of dried AB positive culminated in the corners of my mouth, and I could hardley surpress the manic grin that danced across my features. I stood on the tips of my toes, and peered down to the small writhing figure on the ground, sputtering as bright red blood flowed from two tiny little rivers in her slender neck. I ran my pastle pink tongue across the length of my full lips, as the figure clasped her neck violently in a frantic attempt to stop the bleeding. I shook my head, making a dissatisfying clicking noise with my tongue. I extended a thin, slder, pale finger, ordained in dark black nails tipped in white, and waved it from side to side. "How naughty." I said, my voice was as smooth as glass and carried a tiny daunting girlie undertone. I ran my hands up the length of my arms, finger dancing violently, over the sheer black fabric that clung to my tiny frame.

The figure looked up at the sound of my voice, dark green eyes wide and full of fear, mouth gaping slightly, in attempts to form rational thought in such a precarious situation. A sadistic grin tiptoes across my face, as I viewed the helpless, mewling from curled into a ball upon the wet, bloodsoaked grass. The sweet scent of fear littered the air, and I became nearly intoxicated in its grandeur and glory. She looked up to me, her faced now drenched in salty tears that streamed down her cheeks like water running off a roof after a night of nothing but rain. "W-wh-what do you want?" She asked, I could smell her body becomng weakrer, more fragile, vulnerable. She was so frightened and alone.

I bent down, and extende my thin, fragile hand, touching her tear soaked cheek with my palm. She flinched slightly beneath the cold of my dead flesh, but she kept her emerald orbs fixated on my face. Her features trembling......

Continued at a Later Date.
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Sunday, August 10th, 2003

Subject:v_i_l (reply to angelus' post)
Time:3:15 am.
Daddy brought his princess a present. She's such a pretty girl. She's short and has long blonde hair. It's ll in knots now, and lined with blood making it a murky pink. She has blue eyes, and a round, pink mouth. Her nose was thin, and dainty, she was very pretty, even the pieces of her that were on the floor were pretty.

My Angelus had come home, my little spell had worked, I made his soul go back where it belonged. I shooed it away with a hot iron poker. Daddy's been very busy, worried about this slayer ruining his happy fun time, and he's just gotten here.

He's got a surprise for her, or so he says. Last time he say her, they were all snuggley and cuddley. He still smells of her, but I'll rub her scent right off, I can reach my Angel everywhere. I please him with my kisses.

He's going to play with her tomorrow, supposed to meet her at his happy home. He'll be all smiles and giggles, until the perfect moment then snap.

My eyes widened as I cut another piece of flesh from the pretty girl's thigh.

Daddy will make her all upset and tearful, make her sad and alone, the pixies will sing, and she will cry, it will be a wonderful morning.

I cut off bits of her hair too, she looks much lovelier with it short. She's still screaming, her arms and legs are bound with bits of rope my minions found, and she tied to the bottom bed post.

"Such lovely singing birdie." i said as I raked her face with the sharp side of the scissors once more. "mmm." I purred as she let out another blood filled scream.

I looked up to Angel. "It's no fun when Blood pours into her lungs." I said with a pout. "They can't scream anymore." I leaned down, and lapped up the blood pooling on her cheek with my pale pink tongue.

"Mmmm, Daddy, I'll sahre if you want pieces." I said picking up a large chunk from her left side in my blood coated hand.

Angelus looked to the hunk of meat, and shook his head, he was too busy worrying about the naughty slayer.

"Will you eat her daddy?" I asked, growing increasingly bored with my toy. "The slayer?"

Angelus remained silent for the passage of a few seconds, and then turned to face me, wrapping his hands beneath my legs, and behind my bakc, he picked me up gently. "Yes princess, I'll eat her, and bring back some for you."

I smiled, wide eyed, and thrilled. I purred, and leaned in for a blood filled passionate kiss from my daddy.
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Time:12:03 am.
It was cooking, in my lovely pot. All bubbling ovr with white sudsy flakes. It poured from the top and spilled onto the floor making a right mess of the place. I dropped the pieces of herbs in with a song. My mummy used to sing when she was cooking. I could smell the lemons and peppers as she made pies and chicken for our supper. Now I was making somethign for my daddy.

I dropped in the last bit of Bane, and stood back. My tiny little pot bubbled over, and then stopped. The contents seemingly just gone. I walked close to the pot, and leaned in carefully. I grinned with joy as I picked up a small handful of purple sand.

I walked to the middle of the crypt floor where drawn on the ground was a large pentegram outlined in fresh blood. The body of a small child lay on the floor. I sprinkled the dust around the circle.

"Where the blood once ran black, let it run black again, where one the soul fled, let it leave again, where once evil lived, let it thrive again let the darknes strip his soul away. Now it's time for daddy to play." I smiled as the pentacle light up an dglew a bright red, and then faded into darkness.

"Oh boy Miss Edith." I said looking over to the doll om the dresser. "Daddy's coming home." I looked around. "We have to clean Miss Edith, make it nice and new for daddy..." I siad with a purr.
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Saturday, August 9th, 2003

Time:12:13 am.
I made little hopscotchs on the ground. The stars had been busy, some meddlesome magic's been all mucky, and I was in the mood for a little bit of fun. I grinned and giggled as I walked along the street, a group of my children walked behind me, I could feel them all dark and hungry. Little grumblies in their bellies. I sniffed the air.

"Stop." I said raising my right hand, nails delicately manicured. "I smell tears, all sick with sorrow. What's wrong with the poodle?"

I tilted my head to the side and squinted my eyes. "She's lost her way." I said, my voice rich, and thick with mock sorrow. I clapped my hands together. "Let's go find it for her babies." I said as I skipped off down the sidewalk towards the tiny little figure seated on the curb.

I could smell her tears, they tasted all salty like the sea. I danced up to her side, she looked all startled as little rivers ran down her face.

"Wh-who are you?" She asked, standing up. Baby couldn't have been five feet tall.

"I'm a little lost birdie, " I replied extending my hand to hers. "I've lost my mummy and daddy." I smiled. "But I'm going to get them back."

She looked up at me, her eyes like ripe, round, emeralds. I'd use the little poodle as bait, get daddy to come play. I extended my hand.

"I've lost my mommy and daddy too." She said, fumbling over her words in such a childish manner. She took my hand. "Let's find them together. And spank them for leaving us alone."

I giggled with glee. "Yes precious. We'll punish them for leaving us all alone." I grinned as we skipped down the sidewalk. I'd find my Angel. "they've been very naughty."
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Time:12:11 am.
"I can hear your tummy. It's all growly. Are you hungry poodle?" I asked bending down so I could face the child. "My tummy's all rumbly too. Maybe daddy and his little churchy birdie will have some sweets for us to nibbble." I said, my crimson teirs stretched back to reveal pearly white enamle. I stood up, and began to whistle on old song my mummy used to sing when she came in from the garden, her arms full of fresh vegetables. She'd lay them on a wooden block, and chop them into tiny bits for supper.

My Spike and I did that once, when we found a babe back in Prague. I carried the tiny crying child in my arms, and lay him upon a block of wood, and we chopped away as he screamed, he tasted like cottom candy. Thcik, fluffy, and sweet. I remember how I pursed my lips, since his blood was so pure. It was like eating lemons on a summer day.

I held her tiny hand in mind as we walked, and I whistled, then all of a sudden I stopped. The mills of subserviant vampired behind me stopped, they looks up. I dropped the little girl's hand, and shivered in pleasure. "Look what mummy's found." I said pointing a wickedly thin, and spiraly finger in the direction of a tiny house, a few lights still one. My eyes lit up with glee. "Oh what fun! What fun!"

I tiptoed elaborately to the side of the house, my hands reasting gently on it's exterior. "It buzzes, and humms." I said a shudder rippled through my body. "The other little baby's inside." I purred.

The small girl at my side perked up. "Willow? Willow's in there? Cause I miss her. She's lost her parents too." The little girl grinne dsweetly.

"Aww, shh shh, poodle, dont' want to scare the birdie." I said excitedly. "Now, we're going to surprise your little friend." I said with a grin, as I pushed her gently towards the door. "You go knock like a good little poodle, and ask her to come out to play." I said with a large smile. "And then the fun will begin." I said wide eyed and attentive.

The little girl nodded eagerly and ran the remaining way up the steps. She smiled, like a pristine little candle, what a pity she'd have to die, she would make a lovely pet.

The poodle rang the doorbell, and knocked on the door. "Hey Willow!" She said loudly. "Come out and play!" She giggled. "My friends are lost too, and they want to meet you. The nice girl said she could help us find our parents!"

I smiled as her childish voice filtered through the night like wind through chimes. It wa slovely, high pitched, and underdeveloped. "Get ready my babies, we're going to have loads of fun!"
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Friday, August 8th, 2003

Time:3:05 am.
Daddy was so confused. So naughty and confused. The naughty slayer had poisoned his mind and his heart. Made him think he was hers. The thought made me want to scream. To scream and scream until the heavens fell down into the oceans, and the earth was no more.

I left daddy there, I'd find the spell, and I'd steal his soul. I would stop this, stop it all. I would let it go no further. Daddy would be mine again, he'd love his daughter and claim her as his.

We would rule, he and I, we will destroy the likes of Grandmum and William, make them wish they still loved their Dru.

I growled as I danced across the sidewalks in satin shoes, tonight was a night to dance.
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Time:2:39 am.
"Oh daddy, it's coming. It's buzzing in the air. Cant' you feel it?" I purred, running my thin, pale, hands down his chest. The thin cotton fabric of his shirt ripped beneath my wickedly, sharp black nails tipped in a dainty white. "The stars are a buzz, and the pixies gossip." My finger walked up the length of his chest.

"They...say..." I said each word with each step of my fingers. "That...daddy's...coming...home." Home ended with my finger right on his throat. I pushed in gently, and a thin line of blood trickled from the half moon shaped cut. I leaned in, and ran my tongue along the line of blood. "Sugar, decay, daisies, and a pinch of cinnamon." I said withe a wide eyed little girl's giggle.

I twirled a few feet away from my daddy. "Dont' you miss your Dru? Hmmm?" I asked, my voice a high pitched whine. "Spikey, and grandmum are in town, and they dont' want to play with Dru." I bit my bottom lip in excitement. "So." I said wide eyed, "I got a wonderful idea, oh yes, the sprites agreed. I'll make daddy his old naughty self again, and we'll be a ripe old fangy family once more." I said my voice full of love.

"That's crazy talk Dru..but, what did I expect? You are crazy." he said snapping like a bad boy.

I shook my finger at him. "Naughty, Naughty. Bad dog." I said with a smile. "Doesn't help to me mean you know. Makes my tummy all grumbly." I moved in closer, resting my hand on his chest. "Don't you miss the screams?" I whispered gently into his ear.

"No Dru." He said tolerating my touch. He looekd down into my grey eyes, his dark orbs filled with hatred. He was so blind, he couldn't see, my little lost lamb. "I'm a different man from the Angel you knew."

"No no daddy." I repleid with a grin. "I've gone and gotten me a spell, and it puts the bite back into the dog. It'll scratch," I dug my nails into his chest and scratched. "that itchy soul right out."
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Time:12:24 am.
I made little hopscotchs on the ground. The stars had been busy, some meddlesome magic's been all mucky, and I was in the mood for a little bit of fun. I grinned and giggled as I walked along the street, a group of my children walked behind me, I could feel them all dark and hungry. Little grumblies in their bellies. I sniffed the air.

"Stop." I said raising my right hand, nails delicately manicured. "I smell tears, all sick with sorrow. What's wrong with the poodle?"

I tilted my head to the side and squinted my eyes. "She's lost her way." I said, my voice rich, and thick with mock sorrow. I clapped my hands together. "Let's go find it for her babies." I said as I skipped off down the sidewalk towards the tiny little figure seated on the curb.

I could smell her tears, they tasted all salty like the sea. I danced up to her side, she looked all startled as little rivers ran down her face.

"Wh-who are you?" She asked, standing up. Baby couldn't have been five feet tall.

"I'm a little lost birdie, " I replied extending my hand to hers. "I've lost my mummy and daddy." I smiled. "But I'm going to get them back."

She looked up at me, her eyes like ripe, round, emeralds. I'd use the little poodle as bait, get daddy to come play. I extended my hand.

"I've lost my mommy and daddy too." She said, fumbling over her words in such a childish manner. She took my hand. "Let's find them together. And spank them for leaving us alone."

I giggled with glee. "Yes precious. We'll punish them for leaving us all alone." I grinned as we skipped down the sidewalk. I'd find my Angel. "they've been very naughty."
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Thursday, July 31st, 2003

Subject:the way it was
Time:7:01 pm.
The streets of London were cold, and littered with death. What a pity. Got all dressed up, and there they lay scattered on the floor like tiny little tin soliders. "Some one forgot to put away thier toys." I purred to Spike, my hand resting loveingly upon his chest. "Look at this naughty mes syou made." I said in a mock scolding voice. "tsk tsk tsk." I grinned and looked up into his eyes. "My big, naughty, William."

I laughed liked children frolicking through the woods collecting daiseys. "She's not here Spike." I said, my laughter long forgotten, my face fell into a crimson pout. "She's supposed to be all high and mighty." I said my voice tickling with anger, "and she doesn't even come when the kiddies cry." I said as a tremor of pleasure poured through my body.

I stepped gingerly over the corpses that lined the cobblestone london street. "We made the streets flow with blood!" I said, my grey eyes wide with joy, and excitement. "Bet daddy can't do that." I siad, my eyebrows pounced up in pure innocence, knowing what Spikey thinks of daddy.

"Proves you're the big boy, with the big britches." I said tugging at his belt. "Spike." I said with a slight pout, and a whimper. "Let's go fine her...please? For princess?"
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Wednesday, July 30th, 2003

Time:5:11 pm.
"Grandmum's gone and forgotten all about her little Dru. Made me promises all wrapped in silver, with pretty ribbon, and never gave them to her Dru." I said with a pout as I cradled Miss Edith in my thin, frail arms. "Made little promises of happy familes, and bringing Daddy all back to his naughty self. And now she's running around with Spike. " I said, as my grey orbs narrowed in anger. "They think I can't see. I can see everythign they do, all crystal and clear. The moon whispered it to me like a lovely song, but it isn't lovely." I said as my hand tightened around Miss Edith, the porcelin doll's skin cracked beneath my grip.

I stood up, my head felt heavy, and dizzy, but I forced myself not to think about it, as I gripped the railing on the bed. Miss Edith now sat upon the sheets of silk and lace. As I made my way into the main room of the warehouse. It was bustling with minions, drinking on a little girl. The air became quiet and still as I walked in. All but one ceased feeding. Naughty boy.

I walked down the stairs and stood near them. They stared in awer. "Mummy's bored." I said with a pout. "grandmum doesn't want to play. She doesn't love her Drusilla anymore." I grabbed the still feasting vampire forcefuly by his neck, yanking him off the trembling, blood soaked girl.

"You weren't paying attention, Naughty." With that, I raked my talons across his soft exposed flesh, and his head bounced to the floor before exploding into dust. "Now." I said, a smile spreading across my delicate features. "What shall we do?" I asked, a wicked grin playing across my features.

I touched the shoulder of the vampire nearest me. "My little beauty." I said to the yound beautiful female. "You're not to allow Grandmummy or spike inside ok?" I cooed. "not until I've had time to make it pretty for the party." I sighed in pleasure, and my tiny form shook violently beneath the dark red dress that hung loosely to my frame.

"It will be the best party ever!" I said, the shakign had subsided, and my eyes lit up with delight.
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Sunday, July 20th, 2003

Time:4:53 pm.
walked out from behind the tall, dirty, grey masoleum. It's large stone columns were chipped, and flaking. Little cracks traveled up the side, as weather, and time began to slowly tear them down. It was from here I had watched her. I had seen her sit atop my baby's grave, and wait for him to be born before she murdered him, sending him flying in little bits. Pieces of his charred flesh wafted in the air, fallign like tiny grey snow, or a shower of ashes from a fire.

All cocky, and healed, no longer tattered, and broken. She bounded around kicking and punching twirling with her naught little stake Wavign it about as if it were she who decided which among us lived and died. She was so new, so weak, so delicious. Her witty retorts made the sky giggle, and the stars faint. She was sloppy, and un organized, a real rogue. How quaint.

She looked like a flower, a bright cheery flower in the middle of a weed garden, oblivious to the darkness only seeing the light, te flower amongst the weeds never knows how much trouble it's in really. The moon told me stories of the last little flower, how it had withered, and died, and now she was left. Bright, and Bubbly, little flower, full of a wanting to live, and a wish to die. I smiled, as the moonlight licked across my doll like features. I'd crush the little flower, and then I'd make her my own child. No one had ever made a slayer a vampire. I grinned at the thought, I'd cradle her in my arms, and she'd call me her mum. And then we'd live all, roses and daises.

A shudder passed through my body as I watched her leave the cemetary, happy, and proud of herself for slaying one of my children. Thinking this was the end of her hard work, and pain. My crimson lips curved in an immeadate grin, revealing white, pearly fangs, "No no little flower." I said as three graves besides me exploded, as hands broke through the flesh of the earther, three more of my children awoke. "Can't kill all the weeds at once." I grinned, as my children came to stand by my side.

Bits and chunks of dirt fell from their nice clothes. Silly little ritual burying the dead in their best dress. Made them feel all fooslish when they woke up again, high heels and burnt brown stockings, shiney leather shoes, and big buckled belts. How silly. The pixies joined in their scoff laughter, floating abotu my babies heads. Of course they'd never see the pixies, the only revealed themselves to princess.

I turned wordlessly, and they followed, taking quick into step behind me. My thin, satin shoes, made no noise as we traveled down the dark, dimly, lit, sidewalk. If I couldn't have Angel, I'd make him pay in every way possible. Starting with his achey love for the slayer. He wanted to swim inside her, make he rlove him, his little non beatign heart itched of it. His passion and desire. A passion that had at point, burned for the only two women in his lives. Me, and my grandmummy.

Now daddy had become a blind little puppy all lost and bothered. Trying to save the flower from the weeds. How naughty. I'd stop him, and I'd watch him blow into little bits. If Dru can't have her daddy no one would. If there would be no more happy family I wanted to end it myself. Watch as her burned, and the slayers screamed in pain. What a picnic this would be. Full of carnage, and cinnamon truffles.
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Subject:the way it was
Time:4:52 pm.
Spike had come home, he smelt of sweat and brandy, h reeked of drowned sorrows and cruches, hopeful dreams. "Mmm, my spike." I said with a grin, "How naughty of you, chasing away the death pixies with drinks." I ran my tongue across the outside of my dark, crimson, lips. "wont we have to do somethign about that?" I asked in a small coo. "All naughty boyd must be punished." I said ending the sentance loudly as I began to unbutton his trousers.

My nails digging into the flesh of his lower stomach and down his legs, as I threw his pants to the floor and we landed upon the bed. He leaned atop me, our tongues swimming in each other's mouth, like serpants. I moaned in pleasure as we began to make love, my dark crimson nails digging into the small of his back. I coudl feel the ten, seperate pin pricks of blood that seethed from his wounds, flowing off his back, in tiny red rippling rivers. I closed my ashen lids in pure pleasure as he pushed, my mouth hung open in a silent sigh bottom lip jumping with each press.

Then, my body siezed, and I lie there virtually helpless. As his sweatfilled, visage loomed over me. The ripples in his chest, and the tiny trickles of blood that dripped to the white satin sheets, splattering haunting patterns across it's surface. I could see, through my eyelids and past the walls I could see, and it all surrounded him, falling back upon his body, his look of satisfaction. He rolled over from atop me, to my side, where he lay, chest rising and falling heavily, from habit.

I couldnt' feel him, couldnt' smell, him, coundn't hear him, "Spike." I said with a barely audible whisper, but he heard. he turned over to his side, and wrapped his arm across my exposed stomach, and turned his head facing mine. He was there, I knew it now.

I turned my head to face his, and grinned, running my tongue along his cheek. "Fighting that naughty slayer made my Spike all full of grr and spirit!" I said, my eyes widening in delight. "Didnt' it my Spike?" I purred as I nuzzled closer, nipping at the flesh of his neck with my pearl white enamel.

"You want to haev a go at it again?" The question remained open for two answers. The Slayer, and me. I grinned a I continued to bring our bodies closer together. I could smell Daddy and Grandmum's passion, seepign through the walls, and snaking it's naughty way in here.

My entire bosy spasimed again, and I was left, mouth gaping, eyes wide. "Oh Spike." I said lightly.
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Thursday, July 17th, 2003

Subject:the way it was
Time:3:01 pm.
"I think we've made daddy all hot and bothered." I said with an evil grin as I tiptoed across the bedroom floor to where Spike was. I placed my thin, china doll, hands around his neck. "He's all fur of grrs like a tiger. "I said, my eyes widening, as I sat in his lap, facing him. My fingers tiptoed up his face, and I looked past him at the wall. "Did you see her?" I asked my head now restign on his shoulder. "The little girl?" I narrowed my grey orbs, as I tilted my head a little to the side. "Thinking she was all huffy and puffy." I snarled. "Comint in like a fanciful poof, ruining all my fun." I sniffed a little and leaned back looking into Spike's face once more.

"You were my shining knight." I said running my wicked sharp nails through his long dark honey colored hair. I leaned down, and licked at the dried blood on his face trailing from his nose. "You've always tasted like candy my William." I purred inching closer and closer, I sighed in pleasure. My thin, pale pink tongue, dancing across his lips. "Mummy, will make it all better." I said caressing the back of his head. "No need to worry my baby, Mummy will make daddy forget all abotu being mad at you." I said a wicked side grin. "He just wanted to make sure his Dru was ok, and happy." I let the words trail and I changed the position of my head so I could stare at the ceiling.

"London's no fun without a fight." I grinned madly, "and now we've found a slayer, daddy's probably gonna make us get up and walk away. Makes Dru sad." I said with a pout. "I want to play with the little birdie, dont' you Spike?" I cooed. "we coudl put her in a cage, and make her sing. I bet she'd have such a lovely voice.." I trailed, Spike's mind seemed to be elsewhere. I got off his lap in a hurry, and sat on the very edge of the bed. "You dont' love your Dru, you're mind is all wishy washy, I can see it! And the stars! The stars whisper of your thoughts! They know what you're thinking.." I said, my entire figure began to tremble.

"Dru can't help that she's not perfect, like you want her to be! I've tried you know! Tried to be right and proper for my Spike, I want to eat the hearts of the little kiddies too! But you make it so hard! Hiding out in the woodshed! Tearing at teh crystal! Oh no! they all fall down! Crack, and smach, and left all alone. In the end I'm all alone. With the screaming and the terror, and the fluffy bunnies!" I said rocking back and forth where I sat. "Can't hear with all the children, screaming, laugh, they're all the same, and the fruit pies ar egetting cold sitting on the table. wrap them up in dreams and cotton and throw away the keys.."

I continued to moan and rock, I had already undressed down to my parched white undergarments. "All dressed up and no where to go besides hell, gonna float on the wind as little pieces of ash, and scream forever as fires lick at my heels! Wanting to eat me, and tear me up, like little bites of cabbage in a bottle." I moaned and continued to rock, salty, tears began to stream down my face, as I sobbed into my hands.

((I love being incoherant! -Arie))
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Time:12:44 pm.
It was like Christmas! The sparkles and the dances, the screams, and the little splashes of blood. A shiver traveled through my entire body. We were having so much fun. The moon sprites were skating in the entrails spilled upon the floor, they did little flips and glides, and then they stopped. The little sprites could feel him, they smelt him. His flesh was old, much much older than mine. He should be breeding maggots through his skeletion. However, he was dancing, all smiles and dark charm. My flesh tingled with his dark gaze. He was an old one, put my daddy to shame.

The sprites began to fall, no longer skating, they were trembling, and melting away into the darkpuddles of blood. My head jerked towards the door, I could feel her. She excrieted a sickly, yellow, energy, so thick, and pure, I almost choked. She burst through the door all nancy panties in a wad. She was young, but her features were weathered, she had seen too many deaths to be a normal girl. She was a slayer. My Body tingled as she walked up to Spike and I.

Knocked my boy right on the nose. Naughty! She should no better than to make Spike and Dru all with the angries, the skies tremble when I growl. I grinned, plannign on a right awful fight, when daddy stepped in the way. He doesn't want his Dru to have any fun. Told Spike and I to go. Said we caused trouble. Daddy is always so angry with his Dru.

With that, I took my poor injured birdie Spike outside, poor love, got all worried and upset. Little girl punched him in his nose. Then Grandmum faught, all dark and strong, mmm power poured from her in large buckets. I got so excited watchign them fight, I want to run in and lick the blood of the walls, but Spiek needed his Dru to be strong for him, he'd be very cross when it was over.

And just like that it was over. Daddy and Grandmum walked out and down the street, where my Spike and I had deciede to pass the time, doing what the little lust bunnies told us to. Makign sweet love where we lie on the street.

Daddy was very upset, and Spike and I stood up, falling into walk behind daddy, not wanting him to be too angry. I grinned as I walked in Spike's arms.
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Time:12:43 pm.
It was like christmas. They way there were all lit up. I tremor of pleasure spread through my entire body. We had gone to the party, full of trinkets and champange. They strutted around like fat, pompous, geese, ruffling their feathers at the lower class.Naughty little birdies all ripe for the picking, and Spike was out to treat his Princess tonight.

I danced about the room, Spike quick to follow at my heels, I couldn't get enough of the sparkles and smiles. They looked so niave, thinking their money could protect them. No, not when Princess wanted to play. But they were all cheery smiles, and circles of dance. It was all hot with money, and riches, and jealousy, oh deep seeded jealousy planted a garden of hate. I wanted ot water it, watch it grow, like my own baby.

Found a nice ripe young gentleman, handsome and all. Dark brown eyes, and long hair pulled back, real right and proper. All suit and tie. Spike wouldn't let me keep him, not even for a pet. Doesn't want his poodle to have any fun of her own. Yet, I still danced with the silly lad, around in a circle to the floaty violins, made little squeels like a drowned cat. He smiled, oh naughty boy, "I know what you were thinking. You wanted to taste mummy's flesh, but that's just for Spike..and Angelus." I said with a naughty grin, the last word a whisper.

"Left you Nightmares on your pillow..love." I whispered into his ear, as I ran my tongue up and down his neck. Not what a proper lady would do at a dance. I wasn't playing by the rules. Daddy would be mad. Get all ot and bothered. Daddy doesn't like Drusilla having fun without him. That's why he doesn't like my Spike.

I became bored with our dance, and led the poor boy to the back. He thought he was going to get kisses. Silly boy. Then Mummy sank her teeth into his tender flesh, lapping his blood like a hungry kitten tummy all grumbly from no milk today.

We were beside a large, white wall, and the splatteres made little red dribble patterns as he slid to the floor. Barely anyone noticed, no one screamed for Dru, not even a little bit. I pouted as I made my way back over to Spike, my dress dragging a tiny trial of blood behind me. I walked up to his safe, secure, figures, and rested my head upon his shoulder. My few stray raven locks falling across his chest. "No Fun, he didn't scream." I said like an upset child.

"Spike.." I said in a distant, sing song voice, as he began to comfort me. I was letting my cool, grey gaze creep across the guests. All Shiney in their nic enew dresses. "Princess sees a present she wants." I said, grey orbs gleaming as I peered through the crowd towards a noblewoman dressed in a black gown accented in peacock trimming. I began to whine. "Can I have it? Please?"

I ran my icy fingers up and down his chest, tugging at the corners of his coat. He gave in with a gentle sigh, Spike loved his Dru to pieces, I could feel it, floating about in little icky bits. Clung to the air like wet, sticky, blood. Almost made Dru choke. How naughty. I grinned my wicked little grin as he began to dance with the girl. I shot a look to Daddy and Grandmum. They seemed most displeased. Oh Goodie.
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Subject:the way it was
Time:12:42 pm.
Mmm my Spikey had always tasted like death, little fluffy pieces of death. It was like a rich candy, covered in chocolate and nuts. I could taste him through my fingers, and my tongue. The little ridges of his skin rolled around inside my body as we lay sprawled out upon our bed. Daddy had given us our own room, we didn't even have any windows, this time. Daddy enjoyed being naughty. All Spike and his Dru needed was a bed or a floor. I was tasting my love when daddy came and knocked on our door. How naughty. Interrupting his baby's fun. All silent, the stars watched him walk home on the little road of bircks and stone.

They whispered, while Spike made love to his Dru. They were all gossiping about the wind, and my daddy all alone. I closed my eyes and sighed in pleasure, Spike coudl love me, and hurt me. Made me feel all special. I was ripping little chunks out of his flesh, listenign to his screms fill the air, like a tiny glass wind chime. I couldn't help but growl when I heard daddy's steps on the stairs, and the little clickety clack of daddy's cane. He was goign to ruin all Dru's fun. I just knew it.

We rustled in our sheets as he told us to get dressed. I ran my tongue across the blood that pooled in the corners of my mouth. I leaned back, placing my head on my Spikey's naked chest. Raven hair gettng mixed in with little chunks of flesh, and dark, warm, blood. "mmm Spike," I said distantly, "Daddy said we were going to hunt as a family." I purred in pleasure as I slipped from the bed, obeying my daddy's orders. My naked body stood in the middle of the hardwoord floor. I ran my slendar hands over my entire figure, twisting my digits about in my hair.

"Daddy always lets us have fun when we play as a family. Maybe he's made us a nice picnic, with little kiddies hearts in a basket with a blanket. And we'll sit on the road of bricks and stone. i flopped back down on the bed, my white, sharp teeth nippling at the flesh of my spieky's ear. "Come on now don't be rude, we must get dressed and go play."

I hopped off the bed, and danced in a whimsical circle over to the closet, picking our a dress of bright emerald green. I put on the required amount of undergarments, and slipped on the dress, I twsited my hair up with a comb, and hid it beneath a dark brown bonnet. I grinned, feeling like a princess in my dress of jewels. I twirled in a small circles for my Spike. "Can we go play now Spikey?" I want to skip alogn the road, and sing. The Pixies and the stars taught your Dru a wonderful new song, and she wants to sing it for you." I wrapped my hands behind his neck, my tongue darting in and out of his mouth playfully.

I sat in his lap, moving up and down gently, getting my little tiger all roused and bothered. I touched his lips that were parted in hunder and desire. "Shhh naughty little spikey wanting to get in his kisses and love when we hav eto go play outside with daddy." I grinned, crimson tiers parting to reveal my pearly whites. "Naughty..."

((sorry it was bad my mom gave me a 10 minutes and i'm takign the keyboard warning i'll make it up to you guys later -Arie))
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Wednesday, July 16th, 2003

Time:2:43 pm.
"I can count them, one little birdie all lost and bothered. Two little birdie all hot and sweaty, three little birdie all full of lust, four little birdie full of glory. Five little birdie, full of wanting, six little birdie full of loathing hatred. Seven little birdie filled with passion. Eight little birdie filled with need. All the little birdies are singing. They're singing grnadmum, because they can't see it. Can't see the magic that floats in little grey puddles over their head." I cooed into the darkness of the masoleum, lit by only a few tiny candles, and one oil lamp. I sat in the bed, my hands dancing frantically over up turned tarot cards.

"Can you hear them singing Grandmum? All full of little naughty secrets. Wearing them like pants, and shirts, ready for a picnic of berries and brandy." I said, my mind began to wander, and my head danced in the air. I closed my ash colored eyelids, and my dark crimson lips opened slightly, to let out a long moan of pleasure.

"I can see the birdies." I said in a sing song voice, my eyes still shut. I snapped my teeth in the air. "I can taste their feathers too." My mouth opened in surprise, and my eyelids flew open as well, grey orbs full of wonder and joy. "Naughty Slayer's gone and gotten under the spell too." I grinned wickedly. "Her little birdie wants to be all pim and proper." I rolled over in the bed, scattering the tarot cards to the floor.

I laughed a little to myself, castign a look to Miss Edith where she sat upon the night table. "Miss Edith want to throw the birdies little bits of crumb, cause when you feed the birdies they all come back." I said in a girlish tone. "I'll help you feed the birdies grandmum. Then we can sick our naughty cat on them." I laughed once more, before becoming quiet, and resting my head upon the pillow.

"but now is nt the time to play, the sun will explode, and the stars wll align, and sitll the children wont play, because they're afraid of the woodshed." I mumb;led off into a dreamless slumber, counting all the stars and chanting their name.
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Sunday, July 13th, 2003

Subject:slay chronicles
Time:2:07 pm.
Naughty slayers, stealing my Spike away, and trying to make Dru all bits of dust. I could feel it, I could feel her anger, and her hate. It poured from her center, all wicked and black, curling and lapping at the air like a naughty puppet. I tingled with the power of the slayer. She threw me to the ground, and was going to make me bits of dust and ash. She wanted to, so upset, anger poured, and choked the room, but I didnt' have to breath. Lucky Dru.

She was so upset, but not with Dru. Oh no, all made at the slayer, all with her rotting flesh, why couldn't they see? It fell from her in large chunks, she stank of death, she was so dirty, and no one coudl see but her. The Naughty slayer that tried to make me bits of ash. She knew, she knew her Buffy, wasn't all flowers and candy. She was wrong...broken. The big bad slayer who had tried to kill Dru wouldnt' last much longer. Almost going to break. She can't take it much longer, too frightened. She'd fall and Dru would catch her. I will make her my baby, and attack Spike's tiny soul, if I couldn't scratch it out.

I wanted to hold the poor lost bird. She thought they'd love her, after everything she'd done?

I uttered a tiny cackle. As the wind blew gently through my raven locks. I licked the crimson blood from beneath my nails. It tasted like sugar, and spice, and everything nice. That's what Slayer girl's are made of.

They'd never lover her, always be guessing, they'd never know what she was thinking. But I did. I could taste her thoughts. Just like carnage candy. Sweet death, tasted like cinnamon and barlie. Hmm naughty little slayer, I put you under my spell, I'll come back to claim you one day.

Wrap my dark arms around you, and steal you away from this naughty life of playing by her rules. Dru wont let you hurt any longer, and you'll be able to dance beneath the stars with your mummy. Listen to them moan in pure joy. How they'd ache with longing. They'd purr for you touch, they'd love the blackest of the black heart you have. Mmm they'd caress it like mummy.

Dru had a new toy to play with. But for now, She'd leave. No sense in waiting around when no one want to play. Spikey was all with the warm and cuddles, drowning in his slayers. And crawling about the earth's face, these insects called the human race. Dirty litlle bugs.
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Thursday, July 3rd, 2003

Time:11:12 am.
Mmm the air tingled, I could feel it. It shook and wavered, it was frightened, something big, bad, and farmiliar had come to town. A grin crept over my face from where I lie in my bed. I had a few of my children standing around just in case she decided to visit. Grandmummy may be mad at me for some reason.

I could see her. She was just another piece of the puzzle, coming to fit into her place, and make my black picture even more glamarous. My hands rested lightly on th tarot cards that decorated my bed, dancing gingerly on the Holy Mother. I closed my eyes and let the energy wash through me, I seizured slightly on the bed.

Then I grew terribly weak, every fiber in my body ached. I needed to sleep, I had to sleep. With that my head decorated in long raven locks, lulled to te side, and I drifted into a state of slumber.

I could hear it, the poof and cry of my children as they slumped to the floor, some bits of dusts. I could feel their pain. A mummy could always feel her baby's pain. I knew she had come. I could feel her aura glowing a vibrant black as she entered the room, I coudl feel the touch of her cold, pale, hands against the flesh of my face. And the planting of her lips upon my forehead.

Grandmum promised carnage, and candy. I continued to sleep, I need not stir, not just yet. I was listening. The tsras, the moon, even the pixes were all a buzz with this news. Grandmum had come to help make her Dru strong. I could dance and sing with the pixies as I slept. They shared my joy.

Quickly the pixies melted, and ran away, they oculd feel it's itchy rays as it began to rise. Naughty sun. My deep, hazey, grey orbs oppened quickly, and I looked over to the slumped, form of my grandmummy on the bed. She looked so sweet, not like the black goddess she was.

"You've missed tea." I said weakily as I sat up. "Little chipped, porcelin cups, and they've all fallen to the ground." I watched as grandmummy stirred. "I think I shall have to make more." i threw back the satin and lace covers, and my barefeet tingled as they steped on the cool, grey, slab, floor. "Miss edith and I didn't know we'd have company.." I walked slowly, ea dhung, low over to Mss Edith. I cradled the doll lovingly. "I heard my children screaming, and I saw their hearts burst like satisfied little ticks." I tilted my head to the side, most of my hair following quickly behind. "Did you hear them?"

((sorry I didn't write much, i'm on my aunt's computer, and I have a time limit. Great Darla post Shay! Very god!))
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Thursday, June 26th, 2003

Time:1:21 pm.
"I can smell the pieces, I can see them fit together." I cooed to Miss Edith from where I sat on my large bed of satin and lace. "Can you Miss Edith?" I asked in a very soft, low voice. I closed my eyes, my thin, pale, hands resting gently over a few up-turned tarot cards. "I can see them itching their way together, making a big bright picture." My blood red lips peeled back in a smile to reveal bright shining, white teeth. "It's so pretty, and tained, the colors are swirling, like christmas." I opened my ashen lids to reveal cool, calm, grey orbs. "I like puzzles, cut from the flesh of tiny children. They crack and sizzle over an open fire. Little smoke curls up and whispers. I can hear the whispers, like tiny babies cry."

The earth tingled above my head. The cool, cold, dirt tingled and whispered, it was day, the sun was baking the flesh of the earth, makign it all ripe and crisp. "People walk around like fatted calfs, mooing about." I said, as a large smile curled across my face. "All lost and confused, looking for a purpose." I looked down to the tarot cards in my lap. "I can see their purpose, it's written in the puzzle, the pieces connect and make pictures, their life is a picture that whispers to me. Mmm." I said through my barely seperated lips.

I threw back the white laced sheets and comforters, and stood up shakily. My head drooped slightly, and long raven locks hung over my shoulders. My dirty grey lids remained closed as I shuffled through the dirty, dank, underground, place we called home. In one of the larger rooms, my children were hustling about. "Wait." I said meekly, the few left in the room stopped. "Do you.." I asked the female vampire nearest me. Her skin was so fair, and pale, her features utterly gorgeous, she had been turned during the victorian era, such a lovely little child I had. "Do you see the pieces?" I aske,d my brow growing furrowed, confused. Why could no one see the things I did.

She looekd a little confused, and slightly taken aback, but not at all surprised. "I I don't understand your question miss." She stammered about.

"The pieces." I said, my voice growing louder, and more aggrivated, I could see them clear as day, they danced around inside my head, and I could share them with no one.

She looked helpless, and shrugged.

My entire body spasimed at that moment, shaking violently. "Pieces..pieces.." I continued ot moan as I slumped to the floor, the shaking subsiding. "I see it." I said weakly from the floor. "The puzzle comes together tonight, I see the big pictures, all the pieces are going to meet." My lips curled into a large smile, and the female vampire sighedin relief as she helped me to my feet. "My pretty baby, I see the picture now, all dark, and freckled." I giggled and twirled about on the floor, before growing imensly dizzy, and returning to my bed of lace and satin.

"I saw it Miss Edith, tonight the pieces meet and make the picture." I cakled softly and my head lulled to the slight as I immitated sleep.
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